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Em-HaMoshavot Bridge Control-Centre Tour

As part of preparations for the transition of a tunnel boring machine beneath the foundations of the Em Hamoshavot Bridge, a tour of the Danya Cebus site was undertaken at the Petach Tikva despot to examine the readiness of the project monitoring team.

The tour included:

  • A visit to the control centre located near the tunnel entrance, from which engineers are able to monitor the TBM, tunnel and bridge. They are able to control the TBM navigation system and monitor the bridge foundations located between two tunnels. This monitoring is done 24/7 by a combined team of engineers from Spain and Israel.

  • A visit around the TBM machine located in the western tunnel, accompanied by a project manager, who is responsible for the monitoring. At the time of the visit, the TBM had not yet started drilling, however the last concrete ring had been fabricated.