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Cable Grouting CPD

Cable Grouting CPD

We recently held an interesting CPD seminar at our offices, on bridge tension-cable grouting, from industry expert Alex Poliakov.

He presented examples of grouting and tension-cable failure from around the world and advised on best-practice methods, to mitigate these issues.

Thank you, Alex!

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IABSE Symposium & TU1406 COST Action Conferences

IABSE Symposium & TU1406 COST Action Conferences

We presented papers at two conferences in Guimaraes, Portugal last month.

The first, was the final conference of the TU1406 COST Action Group. This is a part of a special study programme, funded by the EU, with the objective of encouraging collaboration between academics and practical designers. Amir Kedar has acted as Moderator for Study Panel 6, which presented papers and case-studies of how the quality control of existing bridges is performed outside Europe.

The second was the IABSE Symposium 2019, where Micha Petri presented his paper on the design of the Loko Oweto Bridge in Nigeria and Amir presented his work with the Cost Action Group.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2019 Seasons greetings KEDMOR_mail.png

Happy new year and season’s greetings to one and all from Kedmor!

Staff Promotions

Staff Promotions

Kedmor 2-01.jpg

Kedmor are delighted to announce the promotion of Meital Toledano and Gal Edri to Team Leaders.

Congratulations to both!

We’re really excited about their new roles within the Practice.

Jordan Gateway Bridge

Today we visited our Jordan Gateway Bridge project. The incrementally launched bridge superstructure, is now in its final position and the site team is busy fixing the permanent bearings.

Pisgat Ze’ev Sports Complex

Final landscaping works underway on this 6,000sqm sports complex in Pisgat Ze’ev, Jerusalem. Kedmor provided structural design services for this steel and reinforced concrete framed building, in collaboration with V5 Architects.

The Pavillion

In this voluntary project, Kedmor collaborated with Architecture students from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, to create a temporary pavilion for the entrance of the Architecture department. The project focused on the exploration of natural materials with algorithmic design procedures and digital fabrication.

The students elected to create a sustainable structure, using form-finding parametric modelling techniques. They used Grasshopper and Rhino to optimize the structure to maximise the shadow created on the ground. The structure, built by the students, was formed from natural timber and locally sourced from the Jerusalem Municipality.

Kedmor provided the engineering support for the project, using finite element analysis software and engineering know-how to stabilise the structure and resolve issues along the way, in cooperation with the students.

This project was supported by Casali Institute for Applied Chemistry, Negev Ecology and Nesher Cement industries.


Kedmor have decided to close their offices on Sunday 22nd July 2018, to go out and protest, in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community’s struggle for equal rights

Equality for everyone!

Arlozorov Underground Station UAV

Arlozorov Underground Station UAV

Kedmor commissioned a UAV flyover of our Arlozorov underground station project, showing the temporary works struts in place, whilst the excavation of this ‘cut and cover’ structure progresses.

The white struts temporarily brace the external reinforced concrete diaphragm retaining walls, facilitating safe construction of the main station.

Israel Railway Electrification

The Israel Railway electrification project was declared by the State of Israel as a national infrastructure project with a 12 billion NIS budget. The transition to electric locomotives will shorten the journey times, increase frequency of trains, significantly reduce noise pollution and eliminate air pollution along tracks and stations.

Kedmor have been appointed as the Israeli Structural Designer on this international project.

Loko-Oweto Bridges, Nigeria

Loko-Oweto Bridges, Nigeria

We recently visited our Loko-Oweto Bridge project construction site in Nigeria.

The eastern bridge is now complete. This was a huge relief for the site logistics team, as the construction of the western bridge can now be carried out from the eastern one, rather than having to continue working from barges on the river!

Kedmor were commissioned to provide structural engineering design and continuous site supervision services for this pair of bridges.

Video of Jordan Gateway Bridge Construction

Video of Jordan Gateway Bridge Construction

The Jordan Gateway bridge has been captured on film, showing the progress on site. We designed the bridge and launching system for this landmark project.

Hoshaya Bridge opens

The Hoshaya Bridge over Route 77, designed by Kedmor, was opened to traffic.

Photo credit: K.SMG Contractors.

Excavation begins at Arlozorov Station

Excavation works are now underway at Arlozorov underground station, part of the new Tel Aviv Red-Line, light-rail project.

Recent footage captured the temporary works, bracing the station walls during construction.

Kedmor has provided structural engineering design services on this project for RHDHV, who won the design bid for all the Redline underground stations.

Happy New Year 2018


Season's Greetings & Happy New Year to one and all from Kedmor!

Em-HaMoshavot Bridge Control-Centre Tour

As part of preparations for the transition of a tunnel boring machine beneath the foundations of the Em Hamoshavot Bridge, a tour of the Danya Cebus site was undertaken at the Petach Tikva despot to examine the readiness of the project monitoring team.

The tour included:

  • A visit to the control centre located near the tunnel entrance, from which engineers are able to monitor the TBM, tunnel and bridge. They are able to control the TBM navigation system and monitor the bridge foundations located between two tunnels. This monitoring is done 24/7 by a combined team of engineers from Spain and Israel.

  • A visit around the TBM machine located in the western tunnel, accompanied by a project manager, who is responsible for the monitoring. At the time of the visit, the TBM had not yet started drilling, however the last concrete ring had been fabricated.