Aging stocks of bridges require maintenance in order to prevent breakdown or interrupted service. Such operations require clear prioritization, in order to make the best use of resources. 

KEDMOR provides bridge inspection, analysis and maintenance planning. Inspections are carried out according to internationally proven methodologies, adapted where needed to specific local characteristics. Inspections are performed for specific needs as well, such as post impact damage assessment.Bridge inspections are performed by well-trained and equipped teams. Recommendations are made to optimize the design of the repairs and maintenance.  

KEDMOR is a pioneer firm in the field of bridge maintenance and inspection.

Em Hamoshavot bridge:

Location: Pethah Tikwa
Date: 2017.
Services: Bridge in-site Inspection, Load Rating.

General Description

The segmental 5 span "Em hamoshavit"  bridge was constructed in midd 2011.

The bridge located over road no.4 in center of Israel.

A detailed Inspection andpreparition of report were performed in 2017 by  our Inspection Team.


Cross Road Bridge

Location: Cameroon Nigeria.
Date: 2015.
Services: Bridge in-site Inspection.

General Description

Suspended steel bridge over the cross river located on the border between Cameroon and Nigeria.

The bridge was constructed in the beginning of 1951 by British company.

The bridge was inspected by international team of Kedmor Engineers and  Pedelta "Spain" Inspectors.

Following the inspection we performe an avaliation of the remeining capucity of the bridge andsubmited detailed report to the client. The program was done as a part of the consulting services for design of a two lane bridge over the Cross River at the Cameroon-Nigeria Border (Ekok/Mfum) for Federal Ministry Of Works Nigeria.

Yosef Bridge

Location: Tel-Aviv - Jerusalem, Israel.
Date: 2012.
Services: Bridge in-site Inspection

General Description

The Through Truss Yosef Bridge passes over the arden River at the north of Israel.The bridge was was constructed in the early 1950's. The project included a detailed visual inspection combined with dynamic testing and full luod cupucity asesment.

The brige was modeled with FEM software and a detailed calculation was performed based on the actual results of the inspectio and testing. Following the inspection and culculation stage we have designed rehabilitation of the bridge.


Communication/Antenna touers and Poles


Location: Northern Israel.
Date: 2016.
Services: Communication tower

General Description

Inspection of Communication and Antena towers was performed by Kedmor Engineers in 2016 as a part of Consulting services for one of the govermment agencies  developing Inspection methodology for evaluation and inspection of those structures.