Ron has been building his whole working life. He started off gaining 3 years of valuable experience ‘on the tools,’ working initially as a site foreman and then as a site manager. Here, he was involved in both new-build high-rise and small-scale refurbishment projects.  He Joined Kedmor in 2017 after graduating from Ariel University with a degree in Civil Engineering with Construction Management.  Well-versed in construction methodologies and procedures, Ron is able to coordinate multidisciplinary teams to achieve results and ensure projects are delivered on time.  Despite being chained to a desk, Ron still enjoys time on site and is very client focused.  He enjoys throwing frisbees around the beach and going to concerts

Amir Kedar


A highly experienced Engineer and an international authority on bridge design and management, Amir brings over 25 years of experience to projects. He wrote the guidelines on bridge management in Israel, running courses on bridge inspection, refurbishment and maintenance for the Highways Authority. He serves as Head of a European TU1406 COST Action working group 4 ‘Quality control Plans for highway bridges – Case studies’ and sits on the Israeli Standards committee for retaining structures.

In collaboration with the Technion, he has pioneered research into an innovative bridge surveying method, called SeeBridge, creating BIM models from survey data, to provide meaningful information needed for project life-cycle decision making, targeted for use within the US and European Union. This work has been published in academic articles.

Amir began his career at YSS Engineers in 1993 where he worked on a number of projects including Rutenberg Coal unloading Pier, Ben-Gurion 2000 Airport, Tzalmon Prison, along with various MoD projects. In 1999, he moved into project management for M Kedar Engineers, working on projects such as the Kiryat-Gat Court-House and the Moda’i and Exhibition Bridges in Tel-Aviv, before establishing Kedmor with Raz in 2001.

Recent projects of note include the seismic retrofitting of Naharim, Meshushim and Snir bridges, design rehabilitation and replacement of large number of bridges and road structures in the north of Israel, Arlozorov underground metro station in Tel-Aviv and Petach-Tikvah Belinson Station, Underpass and Metropolitan Bus Terminal. Amir has also designed a number of MoD projects including part of the large military training school in the Negev, naval marine structures and more.

A graduate Summa Cum Laude of the Technion, he holds a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, a Master’s in Construction Management and is a Licenced Structural Engineer in Israel.